Connecting internet of things to a cell network

Cellular Connectivity for building Internet of Things Devices

Connecting internet of things to a cell network

Connecting internet of things to a cell network

Internet of things has been grabbing pace over a period of time and it has taken the internet by a boom. Connected devices have created a new paradigm in the internet of things world. However, there are still limitations in terms of cellular connectivity. Even though the internet is everywhere the devices that are connected to IoT are limited. Hologram address this problem with their hardware product Hologram Dash. A SIM card that used Cellular network.

The Idea

Hologram, formerly known as Konekt is a company that believes they can change the face of IoT based on their unparalleled combination of idea and outstanding hardware. The company has developed a SIM card that works globally around the world. The SIM card works with the Hologram Dash that allows the user to chip in the SIM card inside it.

The story doesn’t just end here. The kit comes along with a development kit that will allow developers to further experiment with the device in order to discover new applications around the hardware and the IoT ideology.

Hologram’s Applications

There can be a lot of things that can be achieved with the help of this device, but the following are the use cases that we think can be achieved with the aid of the device.

Tracking Capabilities

Tracking has always been limited even though the idea behind IoT was to keep everything connected at all times so that the synchronization can help keep things connected. With hologram you can now keep track of anything and everything. It can be your per or your child.

Business and traveling can be greatly enhanced with the possibility to track cargo or vehicles at all times and in all conditions.

Staying Connected at all Times

Just the idea of staying connected all the time feels like a blessing. Controlling or monitoring your home or devices remotely makes our daily chores easy. Imagine powering on your washing machine you forgot before leaving to work. Not just indoor devices but think of the outdoor applications you can control remotely.

Industrial Applications

The device is not only limited to developing consumer applications but has endless possibilities in industrial applications. Controlling industrial applications like CNC, conveyor belts, triggering a motor remotely might be possible with devices like Hologram.

On the other hand, power outages and security can make the lives of IoT dependent person a misery. Imagine waiting outside your home for the power outage to get over so that you can open up your door lock.

What you need to get started

It’s simple, get the SIM card with a subscription of your choice and the Hologram Dash. The hologram Dash comes with a 3000maH battery which can keep your juiced for 2 days, however, you can pair it up with the solar charging device that Hologram provided and you can worry no more about going out of charge.